Nyylcon Container Trailer Pack


– Tested, and
– 10 various Cargo’s
– 2 Different Chassis’s
– Standalone
– Compatible with many other packs

Chassis Version’s
– 2 axle
– 3 axle

– Empty 2 axle
– Empty 3 axle
– Chaff
– Coal
– Gravel
– Maize
– Ore
– Sand
– Wheat
– Wood Chips

SHILJA88 – Original Trailer Chassis
TZ Rommi – Nyylcon Container
Zetor165Maxterra – Work with Trailer and Cargo’s

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

SHILJA88, TZ Rommi, Zetor165Maxterra, Bora


3 thoughts on “Nyylcon Container Trailer Pack

  1. Ok I got mod from FS15 the USA Container Pack by SHILJA88, Thank you

  2. Bora stopped making mods long ago and I’ve never seen this trailer by him and even Miguel didn’t put him as credits, heck Bora’s mods aren’t even possible to get from what I’ve seen.

  3. Chill Corey, bora is a legend, now, very few ppl remember him, good on you for adding the proper credits though.

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