Non Trailer Cargo Pack [1.34.x]

Non Trailer Cargo Job Pack v1.0 for ATS 1.34.x

5 Owned Non Trailer Cargoes.
For vehicles (trucks, smalltrucks, cars) that can’t attach trailers or for European style single BDF trucks.
To deliver some low weight cargoes.

Suggestion: For cars use Dry Van Non trailer cargoes with less weight.

Flemming V; ATS adaption by vasja555


4 thoughts on “Non Trailer Cargo Pack [1.34.x]

  1. Angel Orozco

    It slows down all of the semi i tried the were small trucks like a dump truck a torton i can not go more then 20 mphs with the best engine for each

  2. Angel Orozco

    Sorry for my bad English in the first comment is not my main language. What i was that a use dump trucks and tortons {TORTONS are semis used in mexico. i would but the engines and woulds not get over 20 mphs with the trailer on

  3. Angel Orozco

    This really slows down all of the semis i tried. I tried 2 dump trucks and 2 tortons and a ford f150 heavy duty and all of them really slow down i can not do more then 40 mph with any of them.

  4. como se carga la mercancia? estoy atascado en esa parte el espacio para colocar el camion es mas pequeño que el mismo camion asi que no me da la opcion de carga o descarga.

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