No Police


Stops police from spawning. I made this mod because the sudden speed limit changes throughout the game can cause you to receive a fine without even realizing that you were speeding. This should combat that.

Installation – Simply place the NoPolice.scs file into your ATS mod folder, located in Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod, then activate it in the mod manager.



2 thoughts on “No Police

  1. This mod is unnecessary. You can keep the police spawning, without getting fined for anything by doing the following:

    Create your profile in game.
    Save the game.
    Open the config.ini file located in “documents/AmericanTruckSimulator/profiles” with Notepad.
    Locate the line that reads uset g_police “1” and change that to uset g_police “0”.
    Save the file.
    Open the game and load your profile.
    Police will still be in the game, but you will never be fined for anything again.
    You can also turn off fatigue in the same way.

  2. the mod is obsolate.. there is already a config option to disable police..

    g_police 0 and thay are gone.

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