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No Damage Mod v 3.0

Date 2016-02-08 15:13


Tested for Single Player. This Mod will prevents your truck & trailer taking any damage in ATS. Any crash will not take damage as the damage doesn’t build up.

Do NOT upload on other website without permission!

Author: Andru


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4 Responses to No Damage Mod v 3.0

  1. osman

    How could a damge mod be v.3.0 What did you changed in the mod? Retarded!

  2. honx

    why do we need no damage mods at all? there’s only 2 lines to edit…

  3. honx

    why do we need damage mods at all? there’s only 3 lines to edit in game_data.sii:
    truck_damage_coef: 0.0000 // truck damage coef per hit, impact speed squared modified by weights
    trailer_damage_coef: 0.0000
    truck_to_trailer_dmg: 0.0 // how much damage is transferred from truck to trailer (and vice versa)

  4. Otterbear

    Thanks for taking the time to make this mod…I like it, and it saves me having to learn coefficients.

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