American Truck Stops V1.3 By Ernst Veliz

American Truck Stops V1.3 By Ernst Veliz
Mod, where he added more trucks in all the companies, gas stations and truck stops
In this Updated version you can visit all the states NEW MEXICO, UTAH, OREGON, WASHINGTON, NEVADA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA
This mod only works with the base game and all the DLCs mentioned

MOD REQUIRED: Truck traffic package painted by Jazzycat Ultima Version / Steam> Workshop> Real Company Logo 3D
INSTALLATION: C: \ Users \ user \ Documents \ American Truck Simulator \ mod
AT WORK: MORE PEOPLE WILL BE ADDED IN ALL CITIES (streets, parks, service areas, etc.)
CONFLICT: Disable this mod if you play with SPECIAL TRANSPORT (working to skip errors)

* -The entire state of Calfiornia was updated
* – Fixed some trucks that were out of level, in some states
* -in this stage of development, this mod is constantly improving for greater immersion and realism
* – Some trucks were retouched again in All the cities of New Mexico, people were added in Roswell
* -New Mexico will be the first state that will have animation of people in companies, streets, gas stations, etc.
* -If you would like to help improve this Mod, send me screenshots where bugs are found to email [email protected], like this
Together we will achieve a better Mod

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17 thoughts on “American Truck Stops V1.3 By Ernst Veliz

  1. This has been needed to a very long time. Thanks guys for doing the mod. Truckstops are not as empty now as the were.

  2. Perfect! I tried on 1.37 open beta and for now all works good.
    Is there any correct load order? My LO is: -Real Company Logo -Painted Truck -American Truck Stops. THANKS

  3. i have an issue, how can can i show you a screenshot? i need help because when i am starting a new game, appears a message saying something like my mod is no compatible with my game. my version is 1.36

    1. En la descripcion deje mi correo: [email protected] para que puedan enviarme capturas de bug, errores asi mejorar mas el MOD

  4. I like using this mod! Makes everywhere you stopped more lived in.
    Kinda wish though there was a lite version of this where everything was half full. Have a few friends that don’t use it because sleeping areas are too full.

    1. hola gracias por la obrservacion se hara asi, aunque hay ciertas areas donde he dejado espacio para descansar

  5. what do you mean with base game.

    1. Juego Base es decir el mapa original cuando lo compras tener todos los estados + los dlc No es compatible con otros mapas, como sierra nevada

  6. When I apply this mod,the game is off by itself… I dont know the reason

    1. si tu PC es gama baja-media NO usar los mod de Paquete de tráfico de camiones pintado por Jazzycat Ultima Version, este mod funciona igual sin ellos aunque solo veras los camiones clasicos del juego

  7. What does Disable this mod if you play with SPECIAL TRANSPORT means?

    1. si tienes el DLC Transport Special no usar este MOD

  8. Can you do the same thing for ets2 please?

    1. Si, ya estoy trabajando en este proyecto para ETS2, estoy en viva la france aun aunque tomara mucho mas tiempo por que es casi todo europa

  9. Jean POPINEAU

    Ernst, super mod.
    Por otro lado, los personajes en Roswell aparecen en el último momento. Prácticamente, cuando llegas al frente. Habría una manera de cambiar esto.

    1. if I’m working on fixing that error, and testing before populating the other cities

  10. se me crashea el juego cuando lo activo

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