Real Life Companies Revival Project 1.2

This mod changes parody companies in the game to the realistic ones.
The mod was made after an extensive search about the US Companies on
each state and I choose the one most accurate to the reality.

Changelog V1.2:
– Changed heartwood furniture to Ashley Furniture Industries
– Changed Portland Cargo Central to Port of Portland
– All Companies are now complete
– Revised some entrance logos: Bushnell (Organic Valley), Chemso(Dow)

More info on SCS Software Forum

Pedro Martins, P16


One thought on “Real Life Companies Revival Project 1.2

  1. Que bom rever seus trabalhos Pedro, admiro muito o que faz, a propósito uso alguma de suas modificações em meu mod, entretanto parei de atualizar a um bom tempo.

    Sucesso meu caro.

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