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No barriers

Date 2016-02-02 09:04


Mod changes the barriers to invisible.


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6 Responses to No barriers

  1. Terra

    Ok, the barriers are invisible, but they are still there or we can pass away beyond them?

    • Nick

      You won´t be able to pass them as the barriers symbol the end of the map. There is still an invisible wall.

  2. Deputydawg

    They are still there just invisible. The barriers are most likely hard coded into the game and can only be made invisible by mods.

  3. Deputydawg

    The barriers are most likely still there just invisible. I could be wrong but I believe mods can only make them invisible and not remove them completely.

  4. Shilka

    Not true, for ETS2 there were mods that removed the barriers completely, both visually as well as physically. This mod only removes the visual effect, already very happy with that :)

  5. Michael

    Hello there,
    with me they are partly still there at motorway junctions.


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