Nissan GTR 2017 By KadirYagiz

ATS Ets2 Nissan Gtr 2017 update [1.30]



3 parcaya bolunebilen farkli camlar
15’ten fazla jant
yenilenmis fizik
Orjinal motor
yeni motor sesi
ve cesitli modifikasyonlar.




Different glasses can be divided into 3 parts
More than 15 rims
refurbished physics
Original enginie
new engine sound
and various modifications.

Game Versions: 1.30.x and over

Author: Kadir Yagiz

Kadir Yağız


6 thoughts on “Nissan GTR 2017 By KadirYagiz

  1. because this was definitely necessary

    1. Kadir Yağız

      This is a perfect mod I made, whats your point ?

      1. Kadir Yağız

        I am the mod producer.
        Who are you

  2. Doesn’t work crashes game in dealer

  3. Video+test+here+…+Nice+car,+I+like+it+and+i+like+its+physics,+because+compared+to+other+cars+with+a+good+braking+and+more+real+acceleration+:)

  4. Video test here :D … Nice car, I like it and i like its physics, because compared to other cars with a good braking and more real acceleration :)

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