NFS: Most Wanted traffic pack update 110416


v 1.1 – added some new cars

Add cars from game Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Also add new drivers
Police cars have working beacons

Tested on version 1.2

Please, do not reupload and keep original link! Respect my work.



8 thoughts on “NFS: Most Wanted traffic pack update 110416

  1. Increase the speed of traffic. They never overtake me. I know it’s illegal but the sports car to 200 km / h can go with.Lifelike.Thank you before.

    1. I don’t know how.

  2. What a bullshit! i hate sports cars! Most ugly vehicles…

    1. Thank you for sharing that. The world is a better place because you shared your good time and energy to let us know how you feel. We’ll start a campaign to ban the world of sports cars so you can live free of bullshit and all vehicles will be beautiful according to your tastes. Cheers and hope you will be feeling better soon. :o)

  3. Sergii123

    It’s so beautiful!! Please, take this cars to ETS2 traffic. Sorry for my bed English.

    1. No, this mod only for ATS.

  4. Too many luxury/sporty cars. Atleast have a bit of variety. I wouldn’t want to go on US 50 In Nevada (Loneliest Road in the US) And see a lamborgini cop patrol car…

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