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New Long Animation Reefer Trailer

Date 2016-02-06 15:15

Reefer-Trailer-1 Reefer-Trailer-2 Reefer-Trailer-3

– Replaces Curtain Trailer
– It works on all versions

Installation instructions:
1. Extract this downloaded file;
2. Put the scs file on ets2 mod folder;
3. Activate mod on your mod mananger
4. And drive

Authors: axe666, vecc21, steis, Convert:furkan61


Comments (6)

6 Responses to New Long Animation Reefer Trailer

  1. Fiks

    Awesome mod i love it, but why replace the curtain trailer?? why not reefer?

  2. Bora

    Wrong Credits, trailer made by Hardtruckisthebest, originally for 18WoS Haulin

  3. Marlon

    How do you open doors on back?

    • Big Joe

      You unhook the trailer, it only shows it after you drop the trailer off though for some reason.

  4. shaun

    Is there a way to update this trailer so the tandems are alway to the front of the trailer please?

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