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New Desert Textures

Date 2016-02-29 14:44


– It replaces default textures with desert ones
– Works without any errors
– Mod manager ready

Authors: SCS Giraffe


Comments (10)

10 Responses to New Desert Textures

  1. Patrick Halkiewicz

    Looks bad Todd

  2. scania_dragon

    and what looks now better ? nothing!

  3. leandro teixeira

    can you help me on this?
    i wanna make a road texture project but i don’t know how to edit scs files but i have skills editing textures
    maybe you can help me…

  4. no offense but the default texture looks a lot better

  5. Hmm...

    It changed WORSE…
    Nobody will use this Mod…

  6. I loved it! Thank you!

  7. Cockney

    this is not for improvement of the default textures. it CHANGES it. and honestly that’s what a real desert looks like.

    • Johnny Rotten

      Well, if you think they are desert colours then you need to have your eyes tested you blind git.

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