[NEW] D.B Creation “AI Traffic Mod” 1.34

[ATS AI Traffic Mod for 1.34]

Hello and welcome to my first Amercian Truck Simulator Mod.
Normally i work on ETS 2 Traffic Mods but i try to publish my first AI Traffic Mod for ATS.

If you want updates about my Mods, than subscribe us on our Homepage.

I hope u know my work on ETS 2 Traffic Mods, than u know that my work on it, starts some years ago.

So try it out and i will be happy when u write some comments here.

Your D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

D.B Creation Dev Team


4 thoughts on “[NEW] D.B Creation “AI Traffic Mod” 1.34

  1. Hi, maybe some words about what does the mod do?
    How much does it change traffic intensity?
    Does it support DLC? Does it support maps mods? Does it support AI mods?

    1. Mod changes the density and behavior of traffic on the roads
      Different density on highways, expressways and small roads.
      – Density depending on the time of day: changes every 15 min.
      – On all maps, during peak hours the traffic is very high and at night there are almost no vehicles on small roads, express roads are a little denser, and there are many cars on motorways, but much less than during the day, which is realistic since many people travel at night The probability of respawn cars is 90%, and for buses and trucks – 5%.

      The archive contains:
      – three modes with different traffic intensity (Low, Normal and High)
      – each mod contains revised traffic behavior

      This description of the same mod dpya ETS 2, for ATS is basically the same

  2. hola como lo descargo entre a su pagina y no me deja descargar nada

  3. Hello can you update traffic mod ATS from 1.34 to 1.35 please

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