New Cities with Companies v 1.0

New-Cities-1 New-Cities-2 New-Cities-3

This mod tested on version 1.1.1s

Mod after activation adds a new city with companies to the state of:

– Austin
– Battle Mountain
– Caliente
– Howthorne
– Indian Springs
– McDermitt
– Ruth
– Sparks
– Wells
– Beatty

– Madera
– San Jose
– Red Buff
– Temecula
– Victorville
– Oceanside
– Chico
– Visalia

Author: Kurkus


12 thoughts on “New Cities with Companies v 1.0


    Is this compatible with other map mods like coast to coast, or MHA, thanks!

    1. Why don’t you try it out and tell us, hombre?

    2. this is indeed compatible with MHA

      1. Dave Snow

        Not on my machine!

  2. H.Trucker

    Hi, good mod, one question, ¿is compatible with MHAPro Map by MSHeavyAlex please?

  3. Not compatible with Coast to Coast tried already.

  4. It is compatible with “Hawaii”. But these are not cities. These are just a few additional companies.

  5. John McCann

    No. Or MHA. The game crashes.

    1. for some reason it works fine with my game with MHA installed……

  6. hi this maps is compatible to

  7. Wow I tried this mod with MHA Map and works fine.

    For this mod works fine, all you have do is put the two scs files of this mod in first position in the list of mods

  8. Mylo Lehmann

    Chico is blocked off by a roadblock and won’t allow you to complete any deliveries there.

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