4 thoughts on “Naughty Jasmin Skin

  1. CorpseGrinder

    Crappy #### piece of skin….

    1. a piece of #### dude really???? the dude that did this is my best friend and draws anime for a living so if you dont like it dont look at it ya ####!!

    2. DTK_Beasty_L

      Have you tried making a skin? Let me just tell you from experience that it is a very complex process especially if it is your first time (not saying that it was the modders first time since I personally don’t know). Obviously the modder likes his own work so if you don’t like it then why did you even click on it? The whole point of this page and any mod page for that matter is that it is a place for modders to show off what they do and to still get the credit they deserve, so if you don’t like it then just go make one yourself before you make fun of somebody else’s. -DTK_Beasty_L

  2. Just who do you think you are to judge someone else’s work? Do you make skins? If you do not make skins yourself and have nothing helpful to say, keep your negativity to yourself as none of us want to hear it. I for one know the author of this skin personally, to me he is more than a friend he is my Brother from another mother. So if you don’t like this skin then DON’T LOOK AT IT OR DOWNLOAD IT!

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