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NaturaLux unofficial patch for ATS 1.39

Date 2020-12-06 11:37

Patch for NaturaLux for ATS 1.39 , where I removed all the accessories, flares, loading screens and hookups – just the climate data and the skyboxes remaining (which is anyway basically the entire mod). Thus, as I had to modify the main package, I could only manage to make this an external download, so here I present the files to you:
order (top of mod manager on top in this case) and respective downloads (all you need for this version):
Base – https://sharemods.com/74c9tiob2o3z/Natu … e.scs.html
Model 1 – https://sharemods.com/ubc9a174fyeg/Natu … 1.scs.html
Model 2 – https://sharemods.com/jlrvpcie384y/Natu … 2.scs.html

Bear in mind, I haven’t tested it too much, but it works just as good as the ETS2 edition on 1.39 (so far at least) and I also made it work on PM Canada.

Enjoy (although I feel bad for in a way stealing GerScaniaTrucker’s work here, but there is no real workaround for this)!

GerScaniaTrucker (original creator)


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6 Responses to NaturaLux unofficial patch for ATS 1.39

  1. Matt McLeod

    Hell yes!! Thank you!

  2. ushallbeasgods

    The links you provided in the description are text only and do not link to the actual download for the mod

  3. argelit1

    Ждём для ETS2.

  4. NeoJolt

    The only problem i have is that the skybox dont have a smooth transition

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