Natural Desert Climate

Natural-Desert-Climate-3 Natural-Desert-Climate-2 Natural-Desert-Climate-1

I personally found the mid-day thermal effect to be intolerable and the problem is excessive on LED monitors due to the red saturation therefore I’ve refined the color for the lighting effects between 4:00am and 8:00pm. The appearance should be much more natural however I didn’t reduce the sun intensity during noon hours since the effect is realistic and the environment would appear ‘flat’ if this effect is reduced.

Author: Sasquatch


2 thoughts on “Natural Desert Climate

  1. Spectracon

    Sorry i’m a little confused. Does mod gets rid of the pure blue sky variability? Because I really hate that variable. I love when its cloudy, it just makes the game look fake in my opinion. Can you possibly clarify what your mod does exactly?

  2. Реально не понятно что этот мод делает?

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