Mountain Roads Part 3 (update 17.02.18) [1.30.X]

I figured the game needed a few more hills, so I made this map.

– New towns
– Many freight depots
– Lots of hills!
The new roads can be found up north between Hornbrook and Jackpot.

Will likely require that you have the New Mexico expansion installed since I’m using assets from it.

This is NOT a standalone map, you don’t need a new profile to use it.
Disabling the map at any time should not cause issues.

Compatibility with other maps:
Unknown. You’ll just have to experiment.

as of January 2018, all other maps made by me are no longer working, You can delete them.
This map contains all parts.



16 thoughts on “Mountain Roads Part 3 (update 17.02.18) [1.30.X]

  1. Unfortunately this does not seem to be compatible with any other maps. I use C2C, US Expansions, and MHApro. I tried removing one at a time and still crashed the computer. It only works with the stock maps.

    The roads are challenging so will keep the mod, but, only use it occasionally. Too bad it can not be made compatible with other 3rd party maps.

    1. how did you get all maps to work together with each other because I just downloaded MHAPro and I’m getting the same crash screen that I got with this mod?? any suggestions???

  2. yea like ralloh said it is not compatible with other maps.

  3. I use it in combination with US Expansion 2.1, Viva Mexico and MHApro and the only issue I saw until now is the disappearance of many objects around Mexicali besides of all the writtens on the road signs in Mexico. I can live without it. Nothing else, no crash of the software or other issues. I think is a good map full of challenging streets .

  4. Charles Ball

    Its not compatible with other maps, because its using files from Coast to Coast (like the /def/city.mantrid.sii file, this means that it’ll cause a conflict between C2C and this mod. (I know, because I tried)

    1. Actually, just downloaded it. The city file is a unique name, but it does use one city (McDermitt) from US Expansion and C2C in the file.

      However, the conflict is in the map, it’ll overwrite several C2C roads, causing some disconnected roads.

  5. cody smith

    I have it working with US_Expansion_V2.1 and MHApro. Where is the def/city.mantrid.sii in this mod ? I don’t have any of Mantraid’s sii in this mod. This map is a lot of fun and looks good. My map order is Mountain Roads, then US Expansion, then MHApro. No conflicts.

    1. Did you not immediately see my reply to myself?

  6. Heavygamer70

    Fantastic mod, works pefectly good for me.
    My load order:
    Mountain Roads Part 3
    US Expansions

    1. Are you using the latest US Expansion? I’ll have to check my order as my game crashed last night with US Expansion as first…

  7. it works for me im using us expansion and viva mex

  8. does anyone have a problem with the map zoom and if u do how do i fix

  9. Anyone saying this works with C2C, Viva Mexico, or any other maps is flat out lying. I have tried it with no other mods of any kind. It works. I then add a map mod like C2C. It crashes. This happens with every map. I wish I was wrong, but I’m not.

  10. In Mountain Roads – Part 3 video, what town is at 2:38?

  11. Thegamerpro0094

    Please, update to 1.35X, i love this map, and roads

  12. crashes when entering

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