Mountain Roads Part 2

Mountain Roads by Bugg3rnuts. Part 2.

I figured the game needed a few more hills, so I made this map.

– 6 new towns
– Many freight depots
– Lots of hills!

The new roads can be found up north between Hornbrook and Jackpot.

Mountain Roads Part 1 is included in this map, so if you are using it, delete it.



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9 thoughts on “Mountain Roads Part 2

  1. is this even updated at all if not then why upload it again.

  2. will this work with, c2c, canadreams, viva mexico and rick’s 1-10 maps

  3. Working with Viva Mexico, big thanks!
    A small problem:
    [fs] Failed to open file “/font/license_plate/idaho.font” in the read_only mode

  4. Work with Mario map.

  5. Charles Ball

    This doesn’t work with C2C and Canadream

  6. Here is some map-details movie :)

  7. Here is a movie with map-details :)

  8. Stephen Butler

    I have installed this map, and I know it is there because I can see it. However, I cannot find how to get on to the mountain road in the first place! Is there anyone, anyone at all, who reads these sodding comments who can assist a poor, ###### British person with personal weight issues? I have driven all around the area between Hornbrook and Jackpot, some 1,000 miles or so, and not found it at all. Please assist! x

  9. TruckMan2

    This map is for 1.28 not 1.29 these files are not being fixed just reuplaoded FAIL

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