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More Trucks in Traffic for ATS 1.3 (Open beta)

Date 2016-06-01 14:40


WARNING works on ATS v 1.3 (open beta) ONLY. Other ATS versions not supported

This mod add more truck in traffic.
Overtake allowed on local roads.
Reduce police activity on roads.
Increased maximal speed for trucks, if truck model can go faster.

Author: Piva

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Comments (7)

7 Responses to More Trucks in Traffic for ATS 1.3 (Open beta)

  1. Andre

    nice job on this mod. i was wondering how could i get a hold of you i am stuck on this traffic storage . thanks

  2. fisherman1971

    thanks for this mod. Is it possible to make a similar mode for adding more
    buses in traffic ?

  3. Can’t see all of the world map with this installed

  4. Andre

    Can you up date to the 1.4 version I love this mod.

  5. Uzuncuk

    Hello Piva. First of all i like your mods. They are really good job and thank you so much for them. But i would like to ask you a favour. Is it possible that update this mod for ATS 1.5 version please?? with this mod i beilive that the game will be much more realistic. thank you so much for your help!!!



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