More Traffic For American Truck Simulator Convoy Mode v1.0

This traffic mod is like the one I already have, but the only difference is that this traffic mod
has a little less traffic for Convoy Mode, for those who love to have more traffic but not to much
traffic in Convoy Mode, well this mod is for you.

✔ Increased Traffic
✔ Compatible With ATS Convoy
✔ Compatible With ATS 1.43.x
✔ Compatible with all maps and all DLC’s
✔ Traffic Jams
✔ Traffic Behaviour
✔ Compatible with any AI Traffic Packs
✔ Lowered Amount of Trucks and Buses
✔ Improved Traffic Flow
✔ Extended Traffic Lights / Semaphores Timings
✔ Road Traffic Accidents
✔ Low Spawn slow traffic
✔ Low Spawn emergency vehicles
✔ Low Spawn trains
✔ Realistic traffic

I copied some files from Cipinho's traffic mod but I did give Cipinho the proper credits
therefore Cipinho is NOT responsible for the functionality of this mod and people should not ask questions
about connections with Cipinho's Real traffic density mod

Please checkout my YouTube Channel:)

Please Join my Discord for feedback or telling us what features we should add:)
Discord Link:

**Please Do Not Edit The Files!!**

You may find bugs, if you do, report them in the comments section

**DO NOT Re-Upload to Steam or any other sites without my permission or you will be reported!!!**
**Do Not hesitate to tell me if anyone Re-Uploaded this mod to Steam or any other sites without my permission, so I can report them**

- Cipinho and Alin Todor for traffic rules in traffic_data.sii
- Cipinho for traffic_rule.s_car_uh
- Greenlightracer for Spawn density glr2021 truck_city urban

Happy Trucking and Please Be Safe:)

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