More Random Events Mod By Muszek 1.9 – 1.36.X

Version 1.9 changelog
-Optimalized for 1.36.X
-Fixed bugs
-Added 2 new road/random events

Version 1.3 changelog
– From now on, my fashions have been divided into 3 different ones.
that everyone has what he wants. :>

-The latest updates of my mods can be found on the forum scs

Version 1.2 changelog
– Fixed bugs
– Added Jazzycat Truck for random events thanks to yaumeister for help:>
– I changed the behavior of AI – from now cars will go more aggressively, and there is a small chance that it will lead to a collision (This is in the “beta” phase there may be small errors with this)
– Frequency of some direction indicators is faster (broken one of the bulbs)
– Big changes in rain, rain streaks should be more pleasing to the eye. and the rain drops are much denser in the cabin, and the rain disappears from the glass window after 2-3 minutes.
– More wiper modes for basic trucks in ATS have been added

1 – every second twenty seconds
2 – every twenty seconds
3 – every five seconds
4 – every two seconds

– Again, the distances and the number of “random events” have been changed
– different smaller and bigger variations of the game
– More events
– Much longer road works, up to 2km
– Police Chase, from now on Police can keep 1 to 2 vehicles, you have to remember that this is random.
– More and longer events in city
– Broken Tire now spawn on the road (note it has collisions, better slow down)
– more events on the roads 1-1 (in the future I intend to do large road works on these roads)
– From now on when the car is burning on the highway and goes to the left lane.

!Works with any other modification, it’s best to give high priority!

This is my first mod, so mistakes are possible, please report errors in the comments, preferably with screenshots, and a description of what is wrong

Have a nice game !



4 thoughts on “More Random Events Mod By Muszek 1.9 – 1.36.X

  1. Lots+of+errors.

  2. Jason Pollard


  3. Please do not download this file, this is a fake upload, and nothing has been updated in the definitions. Still plenty of incompatibility errors, and the default random events are broken & no longer spawn.

    If you check out Muszek’s original forum post on the SCS Forum, no official update has been posted; thus, this is a fake upload by a person claiming to me Muszek.

    1. yes it doesn’t work

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