25 thoughts on “More License Plates

  1. Chickenlights&Chrome

    Sorry—-can’t seem to get this to show the plates

  2. In which state are you right now

    1. Chickenlights&Chrome

      IDAHO–is there something I am missing, can’t seem to find these plates

  3. Its not working. At new mexico state (dont know in other states is it) license plates are red and at them is written that, there aren’t texture or somethin like that. Please fix it or tell me how to make it works.

  4. when I download from that link it says no file

  5. I have C2C installed but I dont see any new license plates, just the same california plates. Btw, the version of C2C i’ve installed is from the original source on the SCS forum. I did not install C2C from atsmods.lt as those are fake versions of C2C.

  6. Also, the new mexico fix did not work. All it did was cut up the license plate into rainbow-ish colors.


  7. My bad, apparently new mexico isn’t the only one still having problems… the license plates in EVERY state are broken. I’ve even went to Denver, CO and the license plates looked like pixelated rainbow. Then I went to Columbia, SC, and it’s just a black license plate with blue text. All around, this entire mod is broken.

  8. More License Plates needs to have a higher priority than C2C. I would ask you to check

  9. It is higher priority than C2C.

  10. I’ve put the mod to the HIGHEST PRIORITY, even over sound fixes pack, and this is what i still get as far as I see in New Mexico – https://postimg.org/image/b2nx7e9a7/

  11. I tried the new fix, and, as far as I see in florida, I just see a blank california license plate. I even teleported to Denver, CO, and nothing has been fixed..the same pixelated rainbow on the license plate. As for New York, it’s just a plain black license plate. The update fixed nothing.

  12. Steve Hollar

    This is great. I added the original file and drove from the West Coast to the East Coast and was a bit disappointed to see several States where the texture would not show up. I could only see the bright red rectangle with the word TEXTURE.

    I replaced the original with file from your link that you posted here. I just finished driving from the East Coast to the West Coast and all licenses show up perfectly. Thanks for a really nice add on for a great game.

  13. I’m happy that you’re enjoying this mod

  14. Okay, I’ve found the problem. Apparently I have to be in High graphics setting just to see the license plates, sadly. I have a low end PC, and I would’ve been nice if these license plates would show up in low graphics setting.

  15. Ok..I found a solution, I cranked up graphic setting to medium. ANd then changed Texture setting to high. Now I can see your license plates. Obviously the new graphic settings cause lag on my PC, but the game is still playable. Thanks for your mod, i’m currently enjoying it very much.

  16. Alright, the ONLY issue I’ve came across was in Tennessee..The plate is red and it just says ”TEXTURE”..I am using the current fix and I have the mod at highest priority.

  17. Steve Hollar

    Oops, as stated by Ways71, Tennessee is still not showing. So far that’s the only one I’ve found since the update.

  18. I’d like to add: Oregon, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma…red texture, no plates showing.

  19. the+new+file+you+posted+in+the+comments+fixed+the+states,+so+far+so+good.

  20. Florida still shows California plate.

  21. Tennessee still has red+texture, tobj too big @Ways71.

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