Momiji co-driver remake

Add animated 3d model of “Momiji” from “Dead or Alive” game, She come with 2 pose, a front seat and a sleeper bed. (due to limit space of sleeper area, some truck cannot have a sleeper pose)
Expected a bit clipping here and there.

Mod template : 鲁丁丁
Mod template and advice : Farcel
Mod remake : Blinky
Mod ATS conversion : Uncle D

The copyrights of the models and related contents in this mod are owned by Koei Tecmo, Japan.

Do not use for commercial purposes

鲁丁丁, Farcel, Blinky, Uncle D


One thought on “Momiji co-driver remake

  1. Darnell Metcalf

    I forgot to mention in the discription that there is no need to unzip the file, just drop as is in your mod folder.

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