4 thoughts on “Mods Pack by CHM8530

  1. download it 2 times but trailerpack is corrupted.
    W900 and wheels can be unpackt , but trailer not .
    can you fix this or do trailerpack seperate.

    1. Исправленный! Работает на версии ATS 1.2 Бета, с чистым логом.
      Corrected! Powered by version ATS 1.2 Beta with pure ravine.

      1. Thank you for the link.
        this one works for trailerpack.

  2. Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/trailer/curtain/coastline.dds’.
    ПМИ Mapping не поддерживается для npot текстуры: “/vehicle/trailer/curtain/coastline.dds”.

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