Modified Route Advisor & small Mirrors 1.34 v 1.1

v1.1: Fixed crash when press F7.
Thank you all. ;-)

Route Advisor & Small Mirrors
ETS2 & ATS 1.34
Main mod by Xebekzs’s & Hemil’s
Updated by Jorge Nitales

Jorge Nitales, Xebekzs, Hemil


3 thoughts on “Modified Route Advisor & small Mirrors 1.34 v 1.1

  1. Shadowcaster

    Great mod now, thanks for fixing.

  2. Thanks for making our lifes driving easier. Great mod. Thanks for the fix. Althou i never use F7.

  3. Hi.Love this mod(works great in 1.36) but,any way to add,at top,where time/eta/mileage etc is,a compass(I use mainly # 4 or #6 view) or direction,like u see on a mirror in a real vehicle???? That would be really cool.

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