Modified Nascar Trailer Pack, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Nascar-1 Nascar-2

This is The Nascar Featherlite Trailer Pack originally posted by TEAM 5STAR,BART MODDING and CUSTOM COLORS. I have reskinned all the trailers with Dale Earnhardt SR. Tribute skin with permission of original authors. This version replaces all the original trailers in this pack with Dale SR skin. So if you use my Dale Earnhardt Sr. tribute skin for Viper2 modified Pete 389. or viper2 389v2, you can almost always find a load hauling a matching trailer.

Also changed gross weight of trailer and load to just over 44,000 lbs.
This was originally just for my own use as I wanted to have this paint scheme and love this trailer pack. Thanks to TEAM 5STAR, BART MODDING and CUSTOM COLORS for making an awesome trailer pack and allowing me to modify and repost.

Authors: MOD ORIGINALLY created by TEAM 5STAR, BART, MODDING and CUSTOM COLORS, MODIFIED and reposted with PERMISSION by Skins by The Crashman


8 thoughts on “Modified Nascar Trailer Pack, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

  1. Thanks, good work!

    1. The Crashman

      Thankyou! Do you have my Nascar truck skins? They are on steam workshop….I will be adding more and posting trailer packs for each truck skin…however you will only be able to activate the trailer pack with the skin you want to haul. this is a personal preference, eventually I will make one with a variety of skins that match my truck skins..

  2. The Crashman

    I forgot to post that this is tested and run it on current version of ATS…it will work for 1.2.*..and up

  3. I have Vipers Pete 389 but I don’t see the DEsr skin, am I missing something???

    1. The crashman

      You have to go to steam workshop and get it there. All my nascar skins for trucks are on there…..there is a version for 389 1.13..and vipers new version, pete 389 v2.o…and just uploaded new Jeff gordon..trailer pack for that …trailer skin pack to follow soon

  4. ok How do you download it. i cant get it to download from were it is locaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Crashman

      the truck is on steam workshop…and trailer is above at black word titled “Download” I just did another test downloaded just fine. give it another try.. hope it works.,,let me know,

  5. The crashman

    If their are anyvtraileron modders tgat can help…HELP please…my trailer pack no longer works….I didn’t create it..only reskinned it and posted with permission….I can not get it to work….in 1.3 update. ..if any one knows how…please help….or fix and repost with all credits thanks

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