Modasa Zeus II DP 6×2 Scania BETA

Version: 1.35.x
-the mod is beta yet.
Model by: Jarvy Soche, Javier Toapanta
base by: Fabian Espinoza
Edition and Conversion by: tio_ariel

-Find the bus in VOLVO Dealers, it’s standalone

respect the original link, greetings.

Jarvy Soche, Javier Toapanta, Fabian Espinoza, tio_ariel


2 thoughts on “Modasa Zeus II DP 6×2 Scania BETA

  1. anonimous

    Las pinturas no se ven, el bus queda siempre en blanco, tengo los 2 mods activados.

  2. American Truck Simulator, dx11 – MODASA ZEUS Otobüs Mod [1.36]

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