Mod Truck Shop ETS2 no ATA v 1.0

Mod TruckShop Ets2 in Ats all trucks of the Euro truck in a dealership in the American Truck along with the traffic of truck of the Ets2 running along with the traffic of the Ats the Concessionaire is in Bakersfield

scs, FrankBrasil


27 thoughts on “Mod Truck Shop ETS2 no ATA v 1.0

  1. Russian beast

    Sorry, guys, in my understanding I can buy now any european truck in every dealership, right?

    1. FRANK_WOT

      Yes, you can buy all the original trucks from ETS2 with tuning and heavy haul chassis from dealership in Bakersfield. I’ve tested it on v1.28

      1. Frank Drake

        This is my favorite mod EVER…except for one tiny thing…. :( Can you please make a version that removes the ETS trucks from ATS traffic and leaves the trailers in ATS alone. They just don’t look right with single wheels/tires…. :( Not being critical, love some of the Euro trucks, just keep the trailers American….Please… and thank you for doing this…

        1. “you open the mod with the Rar, you are looking for” def/vehicle/ai “and you remove the”truck”folder and ready

          1. Frank Drake

            Thanks for the info… much appreciated…I’ll give it a try..

          2. Frank Drake

            That took care of the AI traffic, but the trailers are still screwed up with single tires/wheels per axle… :( The quest continues…

  2. why would we want euro #### in ats ???

    1. Jeffjamm94

      why comment then?

      not wanting it?
      then why wast your time by commenting about how you don’t want it.

      it’s meant for those who can enjoy it, if you can’t then you mind as well keep scrolling down for something that you actually do enjoy or want, and comment to that.

      1. yes, i want too enjoy ats which read the name is not euro .. tired of these euro #### trying to ruing the game stay with euro thats why theres 2 games …

    2. I very much agree! This is American Truck Simulator!!!

      1. JeffJam94

        yet nobody ditches when US trucks are added to the EU.

    3. What’s the point of your reply?
      If you don’t like it – what the hell are you doing here?

  3. 1.28+is++ets2+not+ats

    1. John R Kupel

      You are wrong, if you would have been keeping up with SCS’s blog the next version update will be changing to v1.28+, I’m using the open beta of it right now that has the double and triple trailers and the game version says, they are going to be keeping the versioning similar to ETS2 for updating purposes…

  4. Thanks for Cucking ATS

  5. Thanks love the mod. Nice to have more trucks in game. Keep up the good work.

  6. This is ah ###### AZZ mod, 1st off the only reason ya saw American trucks in ETS2 was because THERE WAS NO ATS AT THE TIME YA SMART AZZ’S…2nd Do you ###### understand what the word SIMULATOR means? I think not, can you stop at a Scania dealership in the US and buy a new Scania? Hell no, so why are you ###### putting #### in BOTH simulators THAT’S JUST NOT TRUE!! A simulator is supposed to copy the real deal, how is any of this real in ya fake azz heads, and your telling this guy great job so he can go do more ###### #### like this! SMDH!!!

    1. John R Kupel

      You must really be an, if you don’t like it move, no one asked your opinion, I’ll be the first to tell you to shut your #### mouth

      1. Peter Royce Clayton III

        You did not refute his comments, all you did was insult him and curse. Shows your intelligence level right there. Obviously the “#####” is you.

    2. well said uncle d … thanks

  7. el_pollo_loco

    but this is AMERICAN truck simulator

  8. Peter Royce Clayton III

    At first I thought this was an idiotic mod and have no interest in it, but why not have more choice so long as the original American trucks are preserved. Honestly, the way we Americans are unfortunately becoming more Europeanized politically,economically and socially, this will probably be the future anyway. Plus I cannot bring myself to deter more use of imagination in the modding community. Not my cup of tea, but mod on.

  9. Zu empfehlen, super mod, wofür wir nicht wie die amerikanischen Schrott
    Recommended, super mod, for which we do not like the American scrap
    Recomendado,super mod,para los que no nos gustan la chatarra americana

  10. Jeeee… what a bunch of cry baby’s here

  11. SimulatorLover00

    Thanks man really i’ve been waiting and waiting for this thank you man

  12. Mod need to be updated for ver 1.28.

  13. Simple:+ETS+Trucks+>+ATS+Trucks,+ATS+Map+>+ETS+Map+(Love+the+original+things,+not+Maps/Trucks+MODS).

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