Mirror Field of View – Fixed


Really sorry guys. I fixed a Crash to Desktop error within the mod concerning the left hood mirror. Yes, I know now to test mods fully before uploading to save spamming the site with multiple uploads of one mod. This is my first purpose made mod for any SCS game so once again, really sorry for uploading this multiple times. I promise this is the last time I upload this file.

Author: Tristan


12 thoughts on “Mirror Field of View – Fixed

  1. boogiemanspud

    Thanks for the mod! It’s OK by me that you had to re-up the mod. That’s how things improve. Look at all the good mods, they usually have version numbers. I like what you did with this mod, gives a more realistic feel to using mirrors.

  2. Same probleme mate …in vs1.1.1.3 crash game to desktop

  3. Jamespants

    Making mistakes is fine, learning from them is better! I haven’t tried the mod out but I appreciate the effort you put in. :) Will test it tonight!


  4. Same problem on version 1.2

  5. still crashing the game with :(

  6. Hello. Is this compatible with map mods ?

  7. Guys I’m really sorry. It works fine on my end. Feel free to report it. Hopefully it’ll be taken down. T.

  8. Not working on 1.2. Game crash right after loading.

  9. I dont have any problems, check if the mod is crossing another mod that it may not be compatible with.

  10. SwiftTrans

    at least someone is trying to make this mod ive been looking for for years actual real life mirrors in the game unlike the mirrors scs uses keep up the work

  11. Thank you Tristan. Helpful mod.

  12. williamsbe

    I tried it in version 1.1.1 without any other mod and sends me to the desk, which could then be

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