12 thoughts on “Military Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v1.0

  1. Hi There,
    Mod installed, activated, top priority, Trailers not showing up in the show room…

    1. put them all the way down at the list after that sleep two times or resetting the job market

    2. no need to sleep, they are present in the trailerbrowser if U have activated them


  2. Again Serena u know the drill if not working trailer mods,trailer packs are u using.Works just fine for me,#Mike u forgot tn_fontaine_magnitude

    1. yeah, they blend in with the trailer & cargo pack …
      ut they are there – all of them , great package !

  3. Works now, I just didn’t find them first under tn_low_01
    tn_low_02 …Thanks anyway guys… :-)

  4. Thanks Jazzycat

  5. Your all pack not work for me ….

  6. AGain very thanks Jazzycat!

  7. I have this mod for both ETS2 and ATS, for both i have no trailers appear in the job list anybody know why i dont

  8. MetalDragon

    Fist link file deleted 2nd open Virus scamming pop up :(

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