Michelin Tires in ATS

-= American Truck Simulator =-

mod – – Michelin_tires_for_TruTra_in_ATS_v.II.scs
– – – – –
This mod replaces any SCS tires of in trucks and trailers on Michelin tires.
ATTENTION! This mod do not change the game process.
You can change tires at any time, just quit the game and turn the mod on or off, and then continue the game.
bobo58 / 19.07.2019



One thought on “Michelin Tires in ATS

  1. There are still Vortex tires installed, which were painted over only with a Michelin logo and then also labeled the wrong dimensions. Very cheap trick. There are 3 tires to choose from but they are all identical. Bad mod, sorry.

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