MHAPRO FOR ATS v1.6 (1.6.X)

MHAPro ATS 1.6 (support version Compatible with 1.6.x Steam and higher):
1. new highway from Stockton to Sacramento (CA) -highway 99
2. new highway from Sacramento to North -connection to highway 80
3. new part of Sacramento
– company McDonalds
– company Petrol with big TA parking
4. new road connection from highway 99 to Sacramento
5. new big cross highways 80 and 99
6. overlook highway 40 – Barstow/Kingman
– new trucks on parking places
– new parking places etc.
7. overlook Kingman
– company BurgerKing
– company MHA service
8. overlook Camp Verde
– company Road work
– company BurgerKing
– company MHA Service
– new roads
9. overlook Flagstaff
– company hms_con_svc – new position
– company Premiere
10. city Phoenix
– company Ikea
11. overlook highway 8 from cross Phoniex to cross El Centro
12. overlook Yuma
– company McDonalds
– made some death roads in city in life roads
13. parking places on highway 8
14. overlook El Centro
– company MHAService
– company MHA Constr
15. totaly new sign Billboard – because of SCS update
16. fixed some mistakes and bugs
17. village Niland
– company gal_oil_gst
– company re_train
18. city Tucson
– company MHA Service
– company gal_oil_gst
19. open racing track in Tucson
20. new road from Tucson to racing track
21. village Mecca
– company gal_oil_gst
– company mha_constr
22. fixed collision on Prefab transport216
23. new small town Coachella (CA)
– company Burger King
– company Petrol
– company cha_el_mkt

Heavy Alex


17 thoughts on “MHAPRO FOR ATS v1.6 (1.6.X)

  1. Is this just a repost from the one posted on the 25th or as their been some changes ?

  2. I think its a repost

  3. i know on the blog Alex mentioned that cause some mistakes were found and fixed, part 2 of the mod needed to be re-downloaded to have the mistakes out.
    So there is a possibility this is the version with new part 2 (day of release Alex re-uploaded part 2)

  4. Heavy Alex

    that somebody steal from my site …like always … but I dont care … if work or not …

    good maps you ‘ll find always on my site !!

    1. Deputydawg

      It’s not stolen if the link leads back to the MHAPro site as the only way it can be claimed to be stolen is if it was on a download site like sharemods for the poster to make money, not Heavy Alex.

      1. STOLED MOD!!! REPORTED!!!!

      2. possibly not stolen. But Ales has forbidden the upload to other platforms!

  5. MHA Pro stands for what exactly?

  6. This map its STOLED!! Who say not-#####!! Pay for this map..all PAY!!!

    1. “stoled”…###?…learn english before you start crying

  7. KasparsLV

    Stolen, are you kidding? download link leads to original post at Alex`s page. There is only info + link to page.

  8. Its now became a PAID MOD well this mod then time to find something else

  9. My feelings exactly. I emailed him about having to pay after already paying three times for updates and was basically told “too bad”. So you pay for this mod, then next week a small update is posted so you have to pay again for that. You get no free downloads at all. He says, “it’s only 3 euros”. That’s over three dollars for me. Ten updates and I would have to spend over thirty dollars. Screw that.

    Download Project West. It’s free and always will be. He is doing an excellent job with it too.

  10. bezahlt aber kein Download ATS MHAPRO FOR ATS v1.6
    was ist los.

  11. rusty trucker

    actual its not stolen and u can get free version …to all those who criticize..i know my friend would never steel hes own work if u read facebook page… get a life

  12. Okay, I was going to check out this map for my stream today and do a special on it, however I am glad I did some research. Here are the facts:

    1) As long as you keep your game updated, there is no such thing as a free version. The free version only works on older versions of the map. I use Steam, so my game is always updated, meaning there is no way to even try this map to see if I like it before donating.

    2) I was going to happily donate 15 or so bucks for this, but Rallah’s post above shied me away from that. I do not mind donating, but I should not be told I have to donate every time there is an update to the game just to keep a map updated. Every other paid mod out there is pay or donate once and as a thank you the updates keep coming. Thus, the wording is completely incorrect. It should NOT be called “donating”. It is properly called a “subscription” … if it were honestly called a “subscription” I’d not feel like I was trying to be led into a map that I can only use for one version, just to get me hooked, then ask for more money to continue playing it.

    Sad, too, because just looking at the screenshots I was going to toss $15.00 at the author, but based on research, I could throw $1,500 at the author and still be asked for additional donations just to keep up to date. Looks like my stream’s next feature will have to be another map.

    BTW thanks for the suggestion on “Project West”. I will definitely check that out today.

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