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Mexuscan Map v 1.9.3

Date 2016-07-01 15:51


Coast 2 Coast v1.8 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.9.3
other map mod
2-C2C 1.8
other no map mod

Version 1.9.3:
* Replace moncton by moncton project from Bigbearlesson101
* Fix bugs

Author: ManiaX


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5 Responses to Mexuscan Map v 1.9.3

  1. Hello, I start from Holbrook to Union Pacific about 93 km take a delivery. On the highway that connects these two points, I fall into infinity.


  2. TheCOBBLE360

    can you add more city in quebec province like Quebec City, Rimouski, Sherbrook,
    Gatineau and add the Prince-Edouard-Island
    Without that your mod is perfect

  3. renenate12

    what the hell is monction ?

  4. steve helvitson

    can you switch the speed limits from mph to km/h

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