Mexuscan 1.11.2


Coast 2 Coast v1.9 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash

1-Mexuscan 1.11.2
2-Coast 2 Coast 1.9.1

ice road reworked
add environment sound in alaska from Rickpp
fix bugs



24 thoughts on “Mexuscan 1.11.2

  1. downlond not working

  2. I try to download this and I get a screen saying “No file”

  3. downlaod works for me

  4. same for me

  5. No file ????

  6. AngelOfDeath

    No File for me

  7. It’s working now.

  8. I believe I may have found a bug. There is a barrier in Detroit when going to Toronto. The map is awesome though!

  9. Still not working here

  10. No file :(

    1. Its work, I have try more times ;)

  11. not work for me

  12. it crashes for me with no other maps install

  13. Works fine for me
    Nice update, thanks dude

  14. jack elliott


  15. it comes up as a .rar file and not .scs, can i change this?

  16. im+trying+to+use+this+mod+i+have+c2c+1.9.1+like+it+says+and+i+made+mexuscan+top+priority+and+it+fails+to+load+any+info+on+this?

  17. dustin leppard

    i downloaded the mod and it keeps crashing my game even on a new profile

    1. and you have booth map enabled ?

      1-Mexuscan 1.11.2
      2-Coast 2 Coast 1.9.1

      1. thats how mines is with both activated and it says failed to load

      2. dustin leppard

        yeah it wont run with buy it self or with any other map mod

  18. were is the remix at

  19. Where+is+the+ice+road????

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