Mexssimap SLP v1.6, MEXICO [1.37.x] (April 2020)

Mexssimap v1.5 is an addon map for American Truck simulator based in San Luis Potosi state, which is compatible with Viva México Map v2.5.3 and Reforma México Extremo v2.1.12 and PazzMod 1.2.1



4 thoughts on “Mexssimap SLP v1.6, MEXICO [1.37.x] (April 2020)

  1. عدنان

    HD hnvbv. G G

  2. Tienes+alguno+para+mac

  3. Agregaran Michoacán algún día

  4. I can not pass through the toll booth Durango and other cities around the area.

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