Mercedes Benz LP 331 v 2.2

Mercedes retro truck for ATS
– Standalone
– Mercedes dealer (Access mod dealer)
– 3 types of cab
– 2 chassis (4×4 and 6×4)
– Interior
– Lots of tuning
– is painted
– Three chassis options
– smoke from the exhaust pipe
– DLC Cabin supports
– Cable support
– Advanced hitch support

Changes in 2.2
Adapted for ATS
Adapted for 1.35 and DX11
Tested on DX9 and DX11.
Added standard license plates
New tire set added (4 tires)
Janitors wipe rain, etc.

Countless things have been updated, some textures have been reworked and fixed, positions for many things have been fixed.

Original JBArtmods, Update & modifications vasja555, adapted for ATS vasja555


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz LP 331 v 2.2

  1. luis jesus melgoza

    en que concesionaria puedo comprar el mercedes sin en american truck no esta la concesionaria mercedes

  2. A lot of gasoline consumes, right?

  3. No escucho el sonido del motor! Qué podrá ser? Lo demás funciona perfecto!!

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