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Mercedes Benz A45 v 1.0

Date 2018-11-07 16:56

Sold in Kenworth Auto Show
Own interior
Its wheels
Your wook
DLC Cabin Accessories Support

Test version: 1.31.x – 1.32.x

Author: TRZPRO
Registration in ATS: sdonbass18

trzpro, sdonbass18


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5 Responses to Mercedes Benz A45 v 1.0

  1. Video here youtu.be/9hZr2vji7yc …
    Very very nice car, great exterior/interior 3d model, great brake and acceleration! I suggest you to test it.

  2. Usman Mansoor

    Is this mod standalone? If not what car mod do I need for this?

  3. Fred

    This car continuously jumps by itself like a hip hop car, even when it stands still.

  4. Fred

    And it suddenly jumps by itself up in the air.

  5. Fred

    In what shop is it sold (Volvo, Kenworth …?)

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