Megapack Sound Kriechbaum 3.1 Update

Update 3.1 of my megapack sound:
-Added new engine sound Detroit Diesel 8V92. Samples are from Semi Sound Doctor.
-Added engine sound Detroit Diesel 60 series.
-Improved M11 and Cat 3406E engine brake and turbo sound.
-Improved Cummins 444 series engine sounds. Samples are from Semi Sound Doctor.
-Improved Paccar MX13 with new exhausts sounds.
-Fixed an error with the air gear and air brakes sounds due to updated beta.
-Added support for John Ruda’s W900, Freigheliner FLB by Harven, and GTM Peterbilt 567.

These engines sounds work with these trucks :
Kenworth W900
Kenworth W900 by John Ruda
Kenworth T680
Kenworth W990 GTM
Kenworth T800 GTM
Freightliner FLB by Harven
Peterbilt 567 GTM
Peterbilt 389 SCS version and Viper’s last version for 1.37
Peterbilt 579
Peterbilt 387
International Lonestar
Kenworth K100
Volvo VNL (SCS)



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9 thoughts on “Megapack Sound Kriechbaum 3.1 Update

  1. Your the best at this my friend

  2. Mystro — tis a strong majestic sound force you weave upon ATS. I applaud you sir,and maybe throw you a curve sound that is also needed set up on seperate files. With so many exhaust systems now available for so many truck versions like i hear down here in Texas how about rich STRAIGHT PIPE sounds to be used for trucks with 6-8 in high straight flat top pipes with no shield. Just an idea but bring us more sounds for more trucks. You are much appreciated for your smooth elegant sounds.

  3. Big Pete379

    I like this alot Many Thanks!
    Unfortunaly i cant apreciate the 8V92 sound tho… It doesnt have the 8V92 scream, it has a 8V71 sound.

    But that’s my honest opinion.
    The rest of the sounds is spot on and i really like the Cat 3406 sound!

    Greetz Big Pete379

    1. trucker-rob

      totally agree with Big Pete379 on the sound of your Detroit, noticed it but couldn’t even say the difference before I read Big Pete379’s comment. you must love your detroits Big Pete :}

  4. trucker-rob

    nice one kap, especially the up dated 444 sound. it used to be my favourite until I realized the jake sound was unrealistic as recently pointed out on ftg’s most recent review vid of your mod. basically thanks for bringing my most liked engine profile back & better than it ever was.

    P.S. if you ever get it in the works id love to hear your take on the new cummins X-15

  5. Big Pete379

    Hi Trucker Rob,

    I sure do love them Detroits… It’s tough tho to love them… because they want you to hate them so you make them work properly.

    Refill the oil every day (they always leak the same amount)
    And put the hammer down (1700-2000rpm unless you are in a big climb dont worry to push it up to the governor and make sure you turn the extra CoolingFan on just in case.)

    Unfortunaly they are starting to get rare and illigal (CA)

    Thanks for the compliment Trucker Rob
    Greetz Big Pete379

  6. Female Trucker

    I have had to start afresh since the update of 1.37 with anew profile, all old profiles were deleted sadly ! I tried this mod having to drive in Quick jobs once again and the engine sound didn’t change, was still SCS engine sounds, any idea’s please?

  7. Mc-Allen shane klein damon

    more v8 sound for scs trucks

  8. Mc-Allen shane klein damon


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