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2 thoughts on “Maurer Grain Hopper Ownable 1.43

  1. Video: ATS Mods: 4K★ 1.43: | The Maurer Grain Hopper Ownable 1.43 enjoy | American Truck Simulator

  2. Can you create more cargoes please ?
    Alfalfa (Luzerne)
    Sunflower Seeds (Sonnenblumenkerne)
    Clover (Klee)
    Corn (Goldmais)
    Cotton (Baumwolle)
    Millet (Hirse)
    Peanut (Erdnüsse)
    Rise (Reis)
    Sorghum (Möhrenhirse)
    Sudan Grass (Sudangras)
    Triticale – It’s a cross between rye (male) and wheat (female) –
    Amaranth (Fuchsschwanz)
    Linseed (Leinsamen)
    Buckwheat (Buchweizen)
    Hops (Hopfen)
    Chia Seeds (Chiasamen)
    Spelt (Dinkel)

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