MATCHBOX skin for International Lonestar daycab + 53 feet trailer

This mod is made for daycab of International Lonestar and for 53feet curtain trailer, skin is made from look of Matchbox model of International Lonestar. thhis skin took us around 2 hours (including handmaking logos, and fitting the skin to be perfect on all sides).
We do not give permissions to repúpload to other websites, if you do so and we find out, we dont hesitate to take it court.

Credits: Robert_CZLP (me), Renaultik Magnumko

Robert_CZLP, Renaultik Magnumko


3 thoughts on “MATCHBOX skin for International Lonestar daycab + 53 feet trailer

  1. para+todas+las+cabinas+se+puede+hacer+gracias

    1. Robert Kováčik

      Hi, this skin is only for DayCab as the original model from matchbox was DayCab only, so its made as 100% copy

  2. Another **it by this guy…

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