11 thoughts on “Mario Map for ATS update

  1. You mean “the map of the thief”
    I wish someone will steal a precious thing from you like you did here.

    You are a very bad person, you have a very bad heart.

    If you were my boy or girl i would be ashamed. Because you are a thief Mario.

    Who downloads your map mods are also thiefs. You bad people.

    That’s really so sad.

    1. So you are really funny, Damien!
      You groan as soon as I say that a mod is stolen, but you insurge yourself on a mod not stolen!
      Go consult, because your case is serious!

      1. Put the link of the mod you mentioned. I don’t remember what mod you are talking about. As far as i remember you against stolen mods too.

  2. Stephen Butler


    What a judgemental post. How dare you pass judgement in this way? It makes me want to download a map I otherwise had no intention of downloading. You call people thieves who download this map? What is the difference from the downloader’s perspective? You download one map, you download another one. I suggest you take the log out of your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from somebody else’s. That means you are in no position to judge anyone – you are not perfect just like the rest of us. Unless you can claim to be completely perfect, without a single blemish to your character, then do not judge someone else. Well? Thought not.

    Folks, I shall now be downloading this map, and I say so proudly. I won’t be using it, I have no need for it, but I shall download it; just so folks like this Damien character can think that I’m a thief. This guy is poking his nose in where it does not belong, thereby thieving the right to resolve this issue from the makers of the original mods, who should be dealing with it.

    Damien is simply jumping on a bandwagon, hoping to be accepted. And to suggest that someone steal from Mario? What does that solve? Nothing! It just makes two robberies instead of one.

    1. Hey you blind princess,

      That mario guy merges all the map mods into one without any permission of the original authors. So he leechs the effort, time and reputation of the original authors.

      And such idi.ts like you download mario’s stolen maps without any knowledge.
      Keep supporting such thief and ignore the facts. Never investigate the issue and just download the stolen stuff.

      You are the reason why talented modders quit. fckn empty brain people.

    2. I’m curious if you gonna keep your silent/peaceful/kind status when someone stole your efforts/time/mods/precious things?
      Are you gonna kiss them because you don’t have the right to judge them? LOL you hypocrite!

  3. Hi,no freith with my own trailer,normal?

    1. You will take a load after you attach your own trailer

  4. Hey,Damien,you+say+Mario++is+a+thief!+But+he++steals+nothing!+Mario+does+what+many+card+manufacturers+have+to+do+long+ago!+TCM,+Promod,+and+one+with+his+card+for+Hungary,+and+one+with+Romania,+and+one+with+the+map+of+Brazil,+and+those+with+Mexico!

    1. poland.ball

      He is stealing. He did not ask the authors of the map and he is making money people downloading this. I’m aswell modder and people like you will give me decisions to make my map projects private.

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