MAN TGX v 7.0

* Corrected the sound – he remained the same not loud, calm, but became more expressive and meaningful, the sound of a truck, not the trolleys with rattles.
* All the necessary sound files for the scoring of the truck are on board the mod, and these sounds are protected from changes by others mod.
* Changed the parameters of the motor “d2868_500z” and in combination with the “12_speed_ret” transmission, the loaded truck became more mobile and obedient in driving.
* A loaded truck is able to quickly gain maximum speed, this allows you to reduce the time for long, monotonous, boring trips.
* The headlights are changed for more comfortable driving in the dark.
* The dipped beam headlights are wide and good at intersections and steep turns.
* The main beam of the headlamps is moderately bright and does not blind the reflection from the white background.
* On a lighted white background, you can see the pictures and inscriptions.



One thought on “MAN TGX v 7.0

  1. Rain Twister

    I’m having an issue with the rims. Sometimes the rims turn red and have some kind of black text on them (though I can’t read it)

    But they seem fine when I view the vehicle in certain menus.

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