MAN TGX 2010 by XBS all complete in ATS

Truck MAN TGX 2010 by XBS for ETS2 all complete (3in1) in ATS.

mod: MAN_XBS_FULL_for_ATS_v18.04.12.scs .

3 in 1 – truck MAN_TGX_2010 for ETS2 made by XBS:
1) man_tgx_2010_v5.2.scs
2) man_tgx_2010_BDF_trailer_pack.scs
3) man_tgx_2010_BDF_trailer_VAK.scs
3in1) MAN_XBS_FULL_for_ATS_v18.04.12.scs (~130mb).

Truck MAN TGX 2010 by XBS can be bought from all dealers ATS:
– Kenworth
– Peterbilt
– Volvo

bobo58 / 12.04.2018



5 thoughts on “MAN TGX 2010 by XBS all complete in ATS

  1. Well, looks good, works fine for me now. But there’s one thing why this mod is no-go for me atm.
    I’m not a fan of taking euro trucks to ATS, but OK, I gave it try. But this mod is quite breaking immersion, truck popping too often in quick jobs and in AI traffic.
    I would prefer having such mod only as option to buy this truck via dealer….

  2. good!but in the truck engine sound too loud!!!!!and where the 750hp?

  3. XBS stop the support of mod, I hope you happy with yourself.

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