MAN D2676 Diesel Engine

This is one of MAN’s best engines ever made

If you play both truck simulators, you’re familiar with the MAN trucks. The engines they have are pretty good, but they are missing the king of all engines. The D2676. This engine is used in construction equitment, marine equitment, tractors and obviously trucks. If you’re looking for power and long-term reliability, this is definitely the engine for you.

This mod supports all stock SCS trucks.

If you would like support to a specific vehicle, please let me know.


Number of cylinders: 6-cylinder diesel
Technology: turbocharged, in-line
Torque: Max.: 2,801 Nm (2,065.9116
Min.: 2,200 Nm (1,622.6367

Power: Max.: 440 kW (598.233 hp)
Min.: 270 kW (367.098 hp)

Sound sources

Giants Software (Farming Simulator 19)]ROB THE TRUCK KID

If you have any questions or would like to report a bug, please give some feedback. Please rate the mod. Thanks.

Rc FlashDriver


4 thoughts on “MAN D2676 Diesel Engine

  1. good mod nice video .
    can you make this also for the ETS2 stock trucks ( Volvo FH )

    1. Will do. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Support has been added to ETS2 trucks. Re-download this mod and it should work for ETS2. Thanks for the suggestion and hope you enjoy it.

  2. Does not work with 1.38. Instant crash.

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