Mack Granite Rework V1.46

– Buy at Mack or custom mods dealer
– 1 cab (Daycab)
– 2 chassis(6×4, 8×4)
– 2 interior types (Mack Daycab interiors from 2008 – present)
– Multiple engines including MP7, MP8
– Multiple transmissions including mDrive
– Cabin accesories support(partly).
– Added wipers anims(exterior).
– Appears in Quick jobs.

– Adapted for 1.46
– Fixed GPS

Model base created by odain xample Prince, Adan Castro; 1.46 rework by vasja555
Additional credits for Fmod sounds – Kriechbaum, Serialblack, Slav Jerry, Zeemod(interior noises)


7 thoughts on “Mack Granite Rework V1.46

  1. Jonathan

    yes. The modder is not verified by modsfire
    almost mods download by modsfire are stolen
    when mod is authentic it is normal download by sharemods or modsbase that shows the uploader.

    stop upload stolen mods your poor thief

    1. Roberto D.

      tutomu even accuses Jazzycat for stealing mods, SMH…

      1. Jonathan

        I’ve never heard of Totomu here on this site but Jazzycat doesn’t reupload mods from other modderss. He also does not publish or change it, failing to inform that the original mod is not his.
        And many mods published here being “v1.46” from modsfire are actually old and from the beginning of the year from NOT original modder.

        This is the main reason, for republishing other people’s mods, that made most true modders stop sharing their mods. Not exactly because there are poor and rotten people who reupload mods made by but MAINLY because players download these illegal reuploads

        1. Roberto D.

          Imagine if I were to make my own mods and you end up calling them out as “stolen”. You’ll then be realizing that you have NO solid proof that these mods were stolen just because I personally made them on my own (even though I never made a single mod before, but have no intention of stealing them).

          1. Jonathan

            STOP reuploading stolen mods

            modsbase, sharedmods for example, show the uploader, so players can verify if the post and link are true

            IT’S SIMPLE

            Even modsfire has the authenticator if the modder is TRUE, which is not the case with these various modsfire uploads. I checked many of them in SCS forum and Steam (sites of the real authors) and here ARE FALSE

            It’s a pity that this ets-lt and modsfire sites allows stolen uploads, but worse are the players who make downloads taking away the rights of the real authors…that stopped sharing – REMEMBER THAT

            The culprit of the theft is not only the thief, but who buys from him

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