9 thoughts on “Mack B61 Custom 1.45/1.46

  1. Andres Oviedo (Parcero Virtual)

    Hola Rene son muy buenos tus trabajos, quiero hacerte una consulta descargue este mod, lo instale en la 1,45 ats, carga pongo los 5 archivos pero aun asi aunque lo lee en el gestor de mods, en el juego dice que el perfil se daño y no me lo abre, cual crees sea el error, saludos desde Colombia

    1. Then that would tell you, they are indeed, NOT very good.
      ReneNate is known for jumbled error ridden messes. That’s what happens when you take parts from other modder’s and slap it together willy-nilly.

      A fresh profile will be riddled with errors and crashes, always.
      I have never seen work from this person, not look like pure cancer in the logs.

  2. Aussie_Trucker

    Don’t download mods from ReneNate. 95% of his mods crash the game and this is one that crashes and before you say it’s other mods doing it NO IT’S NOT. I started it in a new profile with this being the only mod and it still crashes. FFS check your mods before you upload them or do you just like wasting peoples time???

  3. mod wont let me load game when i have it active whats wrong there

  4. Aussie_Trucker

    He won’t answer you. He uses stolen mods and doesn’t have the know how to fix it… Downloading his so called legitimate mods are a just a waste of your effort and time mods

  5. Chartranos

    Don’t touch that!! It will corrupt your save file!!! Had to restart one of my profiles from scratch!!!

  6. Can’t load game when this one is active. Checked and rechecked and it only fails to load with this. So consider it broken.

  7. Works for me on 1.46.

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