Mack Anthem Interior View Hood Fix v1.0

This mod fixes the Anthem’s hood when seen from the interior, as the interior model doesn’t match the exterior geometry, which is accurate.

As many of you might have noticed, the Anthem’s hood seen from the interior doesn’t quite match up with the exterior model, and if you haven’t noticed, well, now you do :b.
Seriously, once you see it you can’t unsee it hehe

Made for ATS 1.39

SCS Software


2 thoughts on “Mack Anthem Interior View Hood Fix v1.0

  1. Thank you, gonna give it a shot.

  2. What an interesting mod. I had no idea this was possible to edit.
    Any chance you could do the opposite for the Cascadia? I drove a 2019 Cascadia for over a year IRL and the hood is actually way more visible than portrayed in the game. Even with my seat raised as high as it can go in the game, the hood is still too low. Thanks in advance.

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