Mac Curtain Multiaxles


Keep The Original Link And Credits.

Mac Curtain Trailer

Version 1.0

-included 08 Skins
-lightmask Working
– 3axle Version (spread Axle)
– 4axle Version
– 5axle Version
– 6axle Version

To Install
1. Extract This Downloaded File;
2. Put The Scs File On Ats Mod Folder;
3. Activate Mod On Your Mod Mananger
4. And Drive

Mac Flatbed 48ft Curtainside Base Trailer (18 Wos)- Yankee Trucker, Ivan ( Hardtruckisthebest), Corey ( Petercar379 )kris
Wheels By Sib3rius
Conversion For Ats And Some Parts – B4rt

Please help me do not reupload file, respect the original link please

B4rt Mods


8 thoughts on “Mac Curtain Multiaxles

  1. Faelandaea

    Hey B4rt, I have downloaded all of your trailer mods so far and love them all, with the exception of traffic issues on one of them. But this one is unusable. I have tried 3 jobs so far and had to cancel all of them because the collisions are all screwed up on this mod. As I try to back under the trailer it acts like I am hitting a solid brick wall, so I cannot connect to any of these trailers. Would it be possible for you to look into this, please?

    1. trailer which you refer?

  2. Will you be making the seven and eight axle trailers from Michigan?

  3. The Dream

    Please fix this mod bart. i always love your trailer mods, but i cant get under any of these trailers to haul them and i really want to carry these trailers around. i would greatly appreciate it.

  4. Hey B4rt, have the same Problem….only way to get under the trailer with the w900 is to do it in a 90 degree angle…..other than that its a fantastic mod. thanks for your hard work.

  5. Cool mod but is there any chance that you will be fixing the bugs in this mod and reintroducing this mod with advanced coupling
    And compatible with ats version 1.3?

  6. AngelOfDeath

    No trailers are showing what companys it can be used for in 1.5 and its a little upsetting i was hoping to use this

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