LS Wheels Pack

This mod adds wheels and accessories,
Focusing on the Brazilian style.

Wheel Model:
ItalSpeed GT 1 – 3 rear and front variants with plus 3 types of textures clean, dirty and dusty.
Alcoa LvL ONE – 3 rear and front variants with plus 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.
Steel 22.5×8.25 – 4 rear and front variants.
Alcoa Ultra ONE – 2 rear and front variants: Standard, polished.

Scania 5 series front hubs with 3 variants.
Rear Scania hubs WIP
DAF front and rear hubs with some variants .
Auxiliary Hub with variants.

Good Year Max Fuel LHS and LHD.With 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.

Erico Rafael,Sérgio Murilo ,Lucas Santana


3 thoughts on “LS Wheels Pack

  1. please, use another reliable host like sharemods because is like infinity clicks and multiples windows opened of propaganda

    1. ya, for sure playboy

      1. I dont know why you take that commentary in the wrong way. Me for example, im completely avoiding download this mod only because of the host site you choose. There are many other better solutions, like sharemods, completely free. So, there is no excuse to use the worst one, sorry.

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