Lower Police Fines


This is a mod by TheBigRedHorse that lowers the police fines quite a bit.
These are the values.

– Car Crash: $130
– Avoid Sleeping: $90
– Wrong Way Offence: $120
– Speeding(Camera): $140
– No Light Offence: $120
– Red Light Offence: $100
– Speeding: $150
– Avoid Weighing: $170
If any of the values seem unrealistic tell me and I will update the values.

TheBigRedHorse, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 74 KB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 74 KB [dropbox]

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5 thoughts on “Lower Police Fines

  1. Tested today and it works fine … Thanks !!! :)

    1. Thank you! Do the fine values seem ok?

      1. The fine values ? Don’t know … in real life … I have never been fined in America. :)

        Just kidding … really don’t know if your fine values are right but … for me , using a Hard Economy Mod … it’s a good help.

        Thanks again mate ! :)

  2. SnipeStud00

    Since im known for speeding in my area.
    Speeding tickets start @ 10% over the limit at a base of $150 with $5 every mph over the base. realistically, $200-$300 for speeding. commercial being higher $200-600 depending on weight and that. that’s being both speed cameras and cops.
    Log book fines are usually 100 each. (Sleeping)
    redlight runing are usually 200-250
    avoiding weigh stations is a $400-600 offense and a portable scale brought to you, or your escorted back to the scale. car crashes. that’s all depending. 150-250 is fine. same as wrong way and that.

    If only I could get hold of my driving record, and somehow still have my license!

  3. How do you that and how I like to change this too

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